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Location: Worcestershire

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We're passionate about gin. We carry an extensive range, many small batch from independent and often local distilleries. They have been selected after extensive arduous research and taste testing!

We believe garnishes and mixers should enhance and not overwhelm the gin, so we use these thoughtfully.

We can offer gin tasting packages; learn about the history of gin, how it is made, what separates a London Dry from an Old Tom etc.

It's not all about the gin though, we will also supply other spirits, wine, fizz and beers.

We have a double draught dispenser for the major brands and, being lucky enough to have an excellent micro-brewery, The Hop Shed, just down the road, we can also supply excellent craft beer.

And of course cocktails! Cocktails are fun and we're all for that, so they're definitely on the menu

We will always make sure that we discuss your individual requirements with you and work together to provide a bespoke bar.