Barbarella's story

Our beautiful and rare 1966 Viking Fibreline, Barbarella, was rescued from a field in Shropshire where she had been left abandoned for years.

After a nail biting journey on a trailer, which we weren't sure she would survive, she made it to the restorers. Our amazing friends, Rich and Lyn from The English Caravan Company spent many weeks stripping, rebuilding, replacing and genuinely loving her, restoring her to her former glory and converting her into the stunning mobile bar she is now.

We can't praise Rich & Lyn enough. Now she turns heads wherever she goes, all grown up and running on her own two wheels. The exceptional standard of the exterior work is enhanced by a fantastic copper bar and work surfaces, reflecting our high standard of service. 

Aficionados of the iconic film "Barbarella" will spot some subtle quirky references to the film.